So I just made a release of a personal tool I’ve been using for a while, and cleaned up. rsnappush is a backup utility I’ve been using for a long time, solving the issue of wanting:

  • incremental backups
  • plain file access for the backup
  • remote backup host has few utilities

I’ve used EVBackup as my backup provider for probably 10 years or so because I get easy rsync and shell access, which allows me to do tricks with rsync like hard-linked files.

The other solutions available failed in that they required a toolset on the remote host, didn’t support hardlinks, or didn’t support a push-based backup system (rsnapshot does pulls).


So now that I have some time I created rsnappush on I chose because they support Mercurial.

Why Mercurial

I know Mercurial isn’t very popular because Git and GitHub exist. However me and a couple of other experienced co-workers who came from multiple VCSs (CVS, Bazaar, etc) also found Git suprisingly fraught and a downgrade from other systems. We thought that after a few years of working with it we’d get used to it and grow to like it – instead, we became more convinced that Git has serious usability issues, especially for in a corporate environment with a centralized repository and a small team.

Why the Eclipse Public License

rsnappush is a really tiny project, but I’ve found that the Eclipse Public License is pretty nice. It’s a weak copyleft license, and doesn’t have the “linking” stuff that the LGPL does.