I’ve been trying various themes for this site after getting it up and running. Initially I used Ananke, but after reading a review a bunch of themes I realized the huge banner at the top wasn’t going to work well for me, especially since I just had it as a solid background.

So I’ve tried a few themes, all of which seem to have various issues of one sort or another. One of the better resources I came across was a themes report, which allowed me to see the most popular themes on github, and when they were last updated.

Many want to have more setup than I want to put in at the moment, and don’t “just work” with my current content. The theme I settled on for now, beg has a nice layout, but I did have to modify it’s CSS to put indents in for <dd> tags since for some reason they thought it would be good to not indent them? Also the <strong> tags had some weird rendering issues with colored underlining, possible because I don’t let pages specify their own fonts. So I’m running theme beg with the following diff on the css:

@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ article.li.sm>header {
 .article-body strong {
-  box-shadow: 0 -.5rem 0 0 #5bc0de inset;
+/*  box-shadow: 0 -.5rem 0 0 #5bc0de inset; */
 .article-body em {
@@ -292,4 +292,6 @@ article.li.sm>header {
   color: #263238;
+dd { 
+  margin-left: 2em !important;