For some reason I got the itch to start actually working with my computer again. So after trying Grav out and seeing it’s not for me (being a little heavy-weight for a simple static website), I’ve decided to give Hugo a try.

I’m starting with the website’s main page, and going to slowly move my old personal website content over to this system. My old system used some hand-made XSLT from eons ago when I thought XHTML and all things XML-related were the future.

Also, I’m going to switch from using CVS to SVN for my code management. I use git at work and it’s not my friend. I don’t like things that automatically stage changes for committing when I’m just pulling updates down. Conflicts are a mess too. I used Bazaar for years at work, and it seemed perfectly fine. Git seems like a step backwards. Anyways, I don’t need a distributed version control system. I glanced at Mercurial, and would go with it if I did need a DVCS, but I don’t.