• rsnappush, and getting back into open source coding

    So I just made a release of a personal tool I’ve been using for a while, and cleaned up. rsnappush is a backup utility I’ve been using for a long time, solving the issue of wanting: incremental backups plain file access for the backup remote backup host has few utilities I’ve used EVBackup as my backup provider for probably 10 years or so because I get easy rsync and shell access, which allows me to do tricks with rsync like hard-linked files.


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  • Hugo Theme Madness

    I’ve been trying various themes for this site after getting it up and running. Initially I used Ananke, but after reading a review a bunch of themes I realized the huge banner at the top wasn’t going to work well for me, especially since I just had it as a solid background. So I’ve tried a few themes, all of which seem to have various issues of one sort or another.
  • I'm still learning things...

    For some reason I got the itch to start actually working with my computer again. So after trying Grav out and seeing it’s not for me (being a little heavy-weight for a simple static website), I’ve decided to give Hugo a try. I’m starting with the website’s main page, and going to slowly move my old personal website content over to this system. My old system used some hand-made XSLT from eons ago when I thought XHTML and all things XML-related were the future.
  • Conclave Protocol Design Overview

    Conclave works on a trusted-Trent system. In the secured-channel protocol design of Conclave, a bot, which we will name Trent, becomes the distributor of a group of chatters’s symmetric key. When a user on IRC (we will name her Alice) wishes to gain access to a group’s symmetric key (we will use #Talk), she tells Trent who she is and asks for #Talk’s key, encrypted to her by her public key, say 0xABCDEFAB.