• FreeBSD NIS servers with GlibC (Linux) clients

    Introduction The following are some tips on getting FreeBSD NIS servers to work with GlibC (GNU/Linux) clients. Getting them working took me several hours, and a lot of Google searching. If I’ve forgotten something, or have a pointer I should include, drop me a line. The systems I was working with were: FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE-p2 RedHat 8.0 (glibc-2.2.93-5) On the server (FreeBSD) side First of all, I should state that the ypserv environment I was dealing with was non-standard.
  • How This Website is Created (old)

    You might have noticed how this website maintains a standard-looking appearance throughout it, and might be wondering how I maintain this template-ish format. The answer for me did not lie in writing PHP, Perl, using databases, or using complicated Apache modules to achieve this effect. It’s all done fairly simply with Server Side Includes (SSI’s). A poster on Slashdot suggested the method I’m using: separate the content from the surrounding information.
  • Information Spread

    Introduction This article gives the best argument I can currently give for the concept of free information spread. This is a very emotional writing for me to make; I must confess that some of the conclusions I arrive at often times seem troublesome to even me, let alone the general public. However, I can currently prevent myself from going mad about the moral issues by remembering that we are undergoing a societal revolution, and many cherished beliefs will be challenged.
  • My Pine and Maildir Story

    In this article I’m going to be long-winded and describe my story. If you want to skip straight to the solution summary, I won’t hold it against you :) The Problem So, you want to use Pine with maildir, eh? You’ve heard a lot of good things about maildir, and want to move from using your local mbox files to maildir. You’ve even already already converted your mbox to maildir using scripts that are available.
  • Opinion

    My Writings Other Reading Books My Writings Surviving in the Age of Free, Open Information How have the means of surviving that are closely tied with information changing in the Information Age? Why I Like Unix An excerpt of an email response I sent to my dad, after he mentioned he was reading an article compaing the cost of Linux vs. Windows. I talk about why cost is a minor factor in the decision for me; I like the programmability and toolbox of unix.
  • Perl Tips

    Perl Tips I’ve created this documentation because I’ve been programming with Perl constantly and extensively for the past four years. wish to help up-and-coming Perl programmers achieve their finest. The vitals use strict; Always, always, always, in all of your code, always use strict;. You use this pragma by having a line at the top of your code: use strict; This module enforces prepending data types with their proper labeling; this means prepending scalar names with $, arrays with @, and hashes with %.